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Product Description


Product name Puff plus
Capacity 3.2 ml
Nicotine capacity 5% salt nicotine
Battery capacity 650 mAh
Puffs 800 puffs
Package Carton
Similar devices Puff Plus, Puff Bar, Puff Xtra, Puff XXL, Puff Flow, Puff Glow,  Puff Max, Fume, Bang pro max, Hyppe max, Hyde Edge, Hyde Plus, Ezzy 2in1, Posh Plus XL,  VIDGE 2in1



 .No tar and other carcinogenic substances.

 .Harmless to others and the environment.

 .No danger of second-hand smoking.

 .Using it in a public place.

 .Give up in four steps.

 .Save the cost 80% each year.

 .No ignition and no fire hazards.